The Great Michael Jordan

October 27, 2010
Did you ever wonder who made basketball so interesting? Well in the 1900’s Michael Jordan came into the game. So why did Jordan make basketball interesting and how? Well Jordan was the best basketball player in the league at that time, who achieved many goals and still holds a majority of his records. But so much love for something comes when you’re a little kid.

As a child he loved playing basketball. He started when he was in middle school and played with his school team. He played with a lot of different kids but he was not quite as good as them. So after school his father and brother played sports with him. This made Jordan brave enough to get on the court and play. But as all of us know, to be great you have to face a lot of challenges.

When Jordan got into high school, students and teachers told him he was not good enough for the team. Even his coach told him that and cut him off the team. This hurt Michael a lot and he started playing and practicing more than ever. But soon enough he started making process. And of course soon enough he was playing with his college team. But after all the challenges he finally achieved something in life.

To be the greatest you have to set amazing records in basketball. Like Michael Jordan won six championship games. This is the most in the National Basketball Association, also known as NBA. Also he got five MVP awards. Last but not least he scored 38 points with a stomach flu which is really intense. People today can’t even do what Jordan did back in his days. He indeed is the best. So he accomplished his goal which was to be the best and it was set when he was a child.

So even today Michael Jordan is known for setting impossible records. With all the challenges he went through as a child, he accomplished being the best in the NBA with pride. But a new legend comes every once in a while. He did what others thought he couldn’t do. And even today Michael Jordan is looked up to.

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