October 27, 2010
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Not alot of people know what lacrosse is. Lacrosse is more popular in the east than the west. It is kind of a mix of football and soccer. You use metal stick with a plastic head on it. The head has netting in it called mesh which catches the ball. The ball is about the size of your fist, and it is all rubber. It really hurts when you get hit with it. Basicly you have to get the ball into the goal.

There are three diffrent positions; defense, attack, and midfielder. I play midfielder. Midfielder is basicly like a forward in soccer. You run all over the field. Defense can only stay on one side of the field, and they defend the goal. The goalie is also with defense. Attack also stays on one side of the field, but the oppisite side of the defense. They are the one that score the most. All toghether that makes up a lacrosse team.

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