This I Believe... Soccer is My Life

October 25, 2010
By , Littleton, CO
This I believe... soccer is my life. Currently I am a part of a competitive soccer team. Despite injuries, my playing time per week averages 7-8 hours. I work constantly year round. During summer I participate in camps and 3v3; fall and spring I play competitive; winter I do indoor and footsaul. I am captain on my team which is an extreme honor and opportunity to lead my team. Last year, we won league.

January 2010 my 3v3 team traveled to Florida to compete in World’s. We succeeded in defeating all of the opposing teams, winning us the World Champion title. We were thoroughly challenged with long hours of working. Games totaled to 3 or 4 a day which was exhausting. Yet, we persevered. Beside my bed, my trophy stands tall and proud. In times such as these, I have gained life long friends who I can always depend on.

I love watching professional games. Whether it’s the Rapids, college teams, or the U.S. National teams, I benefit from studying their games. Constantly, I am amazed by their skill and speed. New moves are frequently invented and the goals are phenomenal. In addition, my favorite sporting event to observe is the FIFA World Cup. I wish the U.S. team was better though.
Soccer shapes most of the path towards my future. When I move to Columbine I will try out for a spot on one of their soccer teams. I hope to make Varsity my freshman year like my friend Savannah. In highschool, coaching young kids would be an incredible job. Soccer could even end up helping me pay for car finances.

I plan to get a scholarship for academics or soccer. The college I strive for is Stanford University. Being a starter on the team would be a dream come true. Without soccer, my life would be boring. Plus, I would be, without a doubt, out of shape. Every day, I am thankful that my parents support my dream by paying for it and showing up to my games. Without them, I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to fulfill my vision of being out on the soccer field. This is why I believe soccer is my life.

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Cisco said...
Mar. 5, 2013 at 9:34 am
I like this article i have had the same experiances to and i agree with this 
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