Sports Rule

October 25, 2010
I believe in the power of sports. Sports can take a huge impact on a countless number off people. Sports are activities that allow people to become fit, be healthy, and be active. I participate in many sports, so I know how sports affect your every day life. Also, you see numerous people and athletes playing sports on TV, at the park, and even on their own yards. On behalf of all that, here are reasons why I keep confidence in the power of sports.

I reckon that sports let you stay fit, healthy, and active. Exercise takes a big part in sports because exercise keeps you in shape and fit. Eating healthy is also a major thing to do in sports. Healthy eating can be great for your system, muscles, and brain. It gives you a lot of energy, unlike, junk food does. Sports also supply you with something to do, rather than sitting at home and glueing yourself to video games all day long.

I am dong sports myself. I am part of soccer, basketball, and used to be in softball. I even take an interest in sports for the fun of it.Because of taking up sports, I notice that I am a lot healthier and full of energy. Joining sports has changed my whole life around, in a good way. I would be one of the laziest and unhealthy people in the world, if it weren’t for sports.

I watch people on TV, at the park, and at their own homes playing in sports. On TV, I always find football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and all sorts of sports, all the time. Considering that I live right behind a park, I always catch sight of all kinds of age groups play soccer, baseball, softball, and baseball. When we drive through our neighborhood to reach home, I always see someone outside shooting baskets. People co-operate in sports for different reasons, for fun, to keep in shape, stay active, and many more reasons. Sports have a huge impact on many lives.

Sometimes you don’t need to even be good at a sport. Prior to that, as long as you get out there and take part in any sport, you stay active. Sports are good for you, me, and everyone around you. Without sports, we would all be sitting at home, watching TV all the time. We’d be the most helpless, and laziest people on earth without sports. Along with everything that has been said, I love the power of sports.

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