My Tryout

October 22, 2010
By Anonymous

The locker room was filled with team hopefuls. I failed to believe that this was the tryouts for a team. Let alone a baseball team. I felt like I would have died from claustrophobia because I barely had any wiggle room. I was the first person out on the field, just because all I had to breathe in was the smell of about a hundred other students and dirty clothes. I stood around waiting to see was my competition for the team. This is the day I have been waiting for since I discovered a baseball. No one was going to get in my way.

I waited anxiously for my prey. Suddenly I saw a kid that, I have seen around school walking uncoordinated to the field scared out of his mind. Then I looked behind him to find the other ninety-eight other kids running as if they were going into war. They came to halt just a couple feet away from the sand swiped field. It was hard to believe that the people that made fun of me for playing baseball said that they were going to make the team with ease. About a minute later, the varsity coach came out, trying to give us the whole,” do your best and try your hardest,” speech. Then he called out the names of everybody signed up hoping to make the team. Then he split us into groups.

All of the coaches on the staff appeared in the snap of a finger, each coach went to a different group. Then when I thought we were actually going to start, they ask for our positions and ship us to another group. The sun is going down, and the coach calls everyone to the middle of the field. “It’s already over; we have only been here for an hour! Were the drills, the hitting, pitching? People should be crying themselves home because they didn’t make the team!” I blurted out completely losing my mind.

“Ah, Jordan right?” coach asked.

“Yeah, what!!”

“See we have three day tryouts this was the first day.”

“Ohhhh, my bad.

The author's comments:
My love of baseball inspired me.

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