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September 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Soccer. its my life

You never really could call me a perfect girl, daughter, sister, friend, Christian, athlete, scholar or otherwise. I’m a person in between the dotted lines, I’m a risk taker. I’m also an overly-competitive person. But one day in the fall, the day of my first game, I lost control.

The score was 1-0 for us. The other team was getting mad at our apparent practice and skill.
Then, the tables started turning, a girl named Sam from the other team came behind me and pushed me with her broad shoulder, on the ground. She ran with precision straight through the defenders to the goal.

She made the shot.

Then all the other girls from their team did the same thing Sam did. Every time they tried, they made it. By half time out girls were tried and beaten down with broken spirits. While I was at defense with a couple of girls from our team and theirs, waiting for some action to take place on our side of the field, one of the shorter players from the other team came behind me and said the word ‘b****’ I turned and she was glaring directly at me. She had no reason to call me her names, I was mad, I was tired, and the other team was showing about a third the sportsmanship we were. That plus the snobby look she had plastered on that smug little face, made me do something I’d never tried but wanted to.

So I flipped her off

her face wasn’t as smug anymore. She frowned at me, but the ball came flying through the air towards our little get together, she ducked and squealed, but I did a good ol’ fashion head but and it flew to the half point of the field. I began to run forwards toward the ball, but i felt something hard grab my leg and knock me to the ground. I spit the grass from my mouth and looked up. There she was, all 4’3 inches of her, standing above me laughing. She began to strut off towards our goal. I slowly got up, contemplating on how much trouble I’d get into if I did what I was about to do.

I didn’t care.

I took off towards her bleach-blonde pony tail. I jumped and sprang like a cat, she shrieked but I didn’t care. I threw her the hardest hit id ever threw in my life, and then she grabbed my hair and threw me to the ground then sped away. I got up and ran after her, faster than I’d ever ran in the game. I grabbed her pony tail and dragged her toward the goal; I slammed her into the metal frame. Then i leaped into the air, landing right on her perfect little tan knee. I heard a crack, 'good' i thought. I reached for her hand, she bit me. My leg unexpectedly rose in the air and landed on the other arm. I had on steel spiked cleats. The ref then came and ran at me; I stuck out my leg, and thrust it at him at the right moment that it probably would require a thigh surgery and stitches. . .

'no, that wouldn’t be too good.' I thought as i saw her little perfect bleach blonde pony tail swish back and forth as she strutted away.

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