Stephen Strausburg: Exceeding Expectations

July 22, 2010
By dman1 BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
dman1 BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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How good is Stephen Strausburg going to be? It was a reccuring question that sparked oppinions from die hard fans and expert analys.Some people thought Strausburg would fail to meet expectations and would be a bust.But the majority beleive he's the best pitching prospect in recent memeory. All the spectulation ended as Strausburg made the most hyped and talked about debut in MLB history.And in front of millions of people, critics and fans,Stephen struckout a jaw dropping 14 batters. Thats a amzzing feat for any pitcher,but its a little more astounishing when a 21 yaerold rookie does it in his first Major League start. He not only showed great controll on his pitches but he showed great poise for a kid with alot of pressure.Strausburg isnt the greatest pitcher in the league yet,but if he keeps devloping what is already a great arsenal of pitches,it wont be long before we are calling the best.

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