My Goal, My Game

June 21, 2010
By writingwiz94 SILVER, Rochester Hills, Michigan
writingwiz94 SILVER, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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I take a deep breath and everything disappears. My job is to relax and concentrate. I step up and focus in. All I see is my small, bright yellow target. It goes out, then back, up, around, down. Now it’s coming at me at a fast speed. I don’t think; I just react. My hands hold on for the ride as the object in them moves toward my target. I see a yellow dot rushing away from me. I drop the item in my hand and run as fast as I can. Vaguely I hear yelling. Concentrating on the man in front of me, I see that he’s pointing away from himself, so I rotate and keep running. Then, I watch the other man. He’s motioning toward him. He motions for me to go past him, so I do. Then, there’s a girl, and she’s pointing to the ground. Without thinking I drop down, the yellow object flying at me once again. This time, I avoid it.

Now, I’m the target. My legs are bent, and I watch the yellow thing move and then come at me. Then, it’s up in the air. I clear my face of plastic and locate my prey. I sprint over and watch it fall into my possession. One down. I’m the target again and the ball comes at me, but not to me. I chase it down and release it straight in front of me with as much effort as possible. I hit my target just in time. Two down. The yellow object is speeding toward me once again, and I see the item I had held in my hands turn sideways, stop, and make contact. I dash toward the yellow object, pick it up, and release it toward my target. Third one down.

Slowly I refocus back into reality. I’m walking in a line with my hand out. My friends surround me in front and behind. Strangers walk next to me in the opposite direction. Our hands touch and we exchange words of encouragement. Then, we all run down and talk together. Ways to improve and ways to change. All we can do to relax and play our game. Our goal is to win. Our goal is to grow. Our goal is to succeed. Our goal is to have fun. Our goal is softball!

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