Dolphins Football

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

The Dolphins were losing 26-21 with ten seconds left to go. They were on the 30 yard line. Matt ran over to the huddle and called the play.
“160 tight 24 cross buck on one, ready brake!”

Every one lined up in there positions.

“Down set hike!”

The ball was going to Ethan. Matt got the snap perfect. Matt gave his fake to Bill and then handed the ball to Ethan. There was a defender in the backfield. Ethan had to get away. He faked left and spun right. The defender took the bait and went left.
Aaron hit the linebacker inside and Steven hit the corner outside. There was only one man to beat and that was the safety. Ethan went to the sideline but the defender was right there with him. But Ethan made an amazing move. Right as the defender turned his hips Ethan cut up the field and was racing down the sideline.
There were three seconds left and there was no one left to stop him so he ran in for the score. Touch down. The Dolphins win.

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