Shoulder Injery

June 8, 2010
By Brennan Patterson BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
Brennan Patterson BRONZE, Donald, Oregon
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IT was normal day at school everyone in the hall crowed and trying to get to class before the bell rings. We just got back from Christmas break and I was ready for wrestling. It was the begging of the day and I was in excel I could not wait Intel wrestling started I was so excited. It was about noon and I was in P.E, I had two hours and forty-five minutes Intel school was over it was two forty-four and I was counting the seconds down to zero. Five, four three, two and one. I rushed over two the activity area to go wrestle. The couches Mr. Brown and Mr.Meaderis. They both were in the army so that long with no conditioning so they work us. First we ran then we stretch out then we get to a weight line then we wrestle. It was me and Dylan he wade 15 -20 pounds more then me. But I would always still beat him. So I get ready and wrestles I go for a takedown and then he jumps on me I told him get of yelling at him. It was my shoulder I was in a lot of pain. Then I took my shirt off and saw that my bone was sticking out I freak out and called my mom. She said Brenna are you crying and I said almost. When my mom hared me say that she rushed to my school because my mom has never see or hared me cry in a long time. So I take off my shirt and my mom was freak out. So we go to the car and run to the hospital right when I walk in they rushed me in to go get x-rays. So we wait about a hour then he say to dislocated shoulder but I was in a lot of pain still so he check my ribs and no fracture rids. So they tell me it was my ??????? So then they give me pill and two shots stronger than morphine. When I came out of the hospital I was so drugged out I could not walk to my front door. It was early in the morning I felt like crap I could not sleep and I had a fever from the shots they gave to me. So that day I misted school cause of pain. So all that day I played Call of Duty while my mom got medication and whatever I want. It was the next day and I told my mom that I am going to school because I don’t want to miss school. She said no but I still went to school and I told her I will call you if I need you. I went past first period no problem then second period was going I could not stop laughing cause everybody kept on making me laugh so I said can I go home she said yes. So a couple days later I go get a MRI for my shoulder. It suck because they but a huge needle in my shoulder putting dye into it so they can see it in the MRI. So I get done with the MRI and they said I tare my main muscle that holds my arm in place and have multiple tares in my shoulder. It sucks so that means I could not do baseball and I loved baseball. So all of that year I could not do anything but I did do shot-put and did really good. I think the reason why I did get hurt that I did not stretch out on Christmas break. So I now know that I need to be more carful about stuff so I will not do it again.

The author's comments:
I did not want to writ this but i had to cause my teacher said so.

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