Last day of football

June 8, 2010
It was the beginning of a good day we were all pumped up for the game. I was talking to Nick about how we are going to win and not lose. So we went to are first class i had class with most of the team. We were so excited for the game that most of us got in trouble for not paying attention in class the second period class I had was okay. The day was going extremely slow. I wanted to go to go to the game and get it over with. Me and Ben are QB and we were together. We were talking about who is not going to play in the game. Later we had lunch. Then we went outside and practiced some of are plays. I was talking to nick and bearnnan and we were going over some plays. We do a prey before the game to give us good luck hopefully finally it is our last class. We had thirty minutes left in our last class I was so excited for the class to be over with. The last class I had was science it was really fun and I was sad I had to leave that class but it was okay I had a football game to get to. After the thirty minutes we went to the locker room to go change and get ready for the game. After we got out of the locker room we got on the bus.

Then the coach walked on the bus and gave us a speech about something. None of were really listening. We all got are stuff and got on the bus. It was so quiet on the bus. The only thing you could hear was ACDC. I think it was hells bells and TNT those are good songs. We were so pumped it was funny. We were finally at the game. We got all of our stuff off the bus and got are gear on. We were kicking the ball it was tuff game. It was third and down ten yards to go. It was a close game. Ben hiked the ball and Kyle got it I was blocking Kyle. I got a good block even though. Then he got tackled. We were mad that we were so close from a touch down that we had one more play left so we white for it. So we got in the huddle and got ready for the next play. We got in our formation and Ben hiked the ball and it was a throw. We did not make it witch really suck so it was down to the defense. It was before half time and it was third down an it wasn’t going good. We were down three touch downs and we all were really sad and we were going to lose. The team hiked the ball and this guy was fast and was almost at the touch down and nick tackled him and he got cleated were the sun don’t shine. After that we lost the game and we all were really mad and sad that we lost 0 to 26. On he bus ride back no one talk is was quit as a ghost town and when we got back it was the same no one talk it was stupid.

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