May 26, 2010
By Anonymous

One of the hardest sports there is in high school would be wrestling you hardly eat; exercise all the time run really hard it’s just really tough. You have to be fast and quick and if your not you better be big strong and smart. Im the complete opposite of that im not fast im slow and im not that smart on the mat and im not really strong enough to lift them real big boys off of me like in this one particular match it was close to the end of the season so I was keeping my weight down kind of low so I was hoping to get some lighter kids but no my brilliant coach matches me up with the biggest kid on there team 100lbs bigger than me. I was so nervous I didn’t even want to go out there but I was especially nervous warming up in the first period and the third period.

Warming up was the same every time you run a little bit to work up a sweat to stay warm I ran down to the concession stand to watch people eat because I was so hungry but I had to go back because it was almost time for me to wrestle. After my run I stretched out real good so I didn’t hurt or pull anything. I was staring my opponent down to study him see what he was like and what moves he was doing. He was just standing around swinging his headgear with his finger I thought wow this kid is so lazy but there would be no chance at all for me to win. Ding the match was over and time to wrestle so I rang over to my coach quick he gave me some advice and then over to the mat. I looked at him and he looked back at me and he could tell I was a little scared and thought he had an easy win.

Ding he threw me down right away cause he was to big to shoot in on me then he jumped on me I thought I felt one of my ribs crack and my eyes get a little wider. He was so big he covered my mouth up so I couldn’t breathe so I had to use the tap out cause I thought I was really going to suffocate, but the ref broke it up in time. On to the next dreadful period, I was so tired I wanted to just roll over and let the ref slap the mat but I didn’t want my coach to be too disappointed in me so I kept fighting and kicking and at last that period was finally over on to the final period

Going into the third period I was exhausted so fatigued I could hardly stand I just wanted it to be over so I could go take a nap. It was my choice and the score was a lot to a little, him, so I knew if I had any chance in beating him I would have to pin him. So I chose top maybe to get and easy half nelson or even an inside cradle. the whistle blew and he jumped forward with all his might and got the reversal he liked the cradle a lot and kept trying it time after time he eventually got it but as soon as he did I squeezed his hands together and kicked as hard as I could it kind of surprised him and wasn’t ready for it so I got the reversal and sat on his chest I grabbed both of his arms as fast as I could and stretched him out as far out as possible. Boom three seconds left on the clock and the match was over I jumped up and shouted for joy. I didn’t think I had it in me. I walked over to the center ring and got my hand raised I was so happy I basically trotted of the mat and everyone on the bench was on there feet congratulating me

That match was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my entire life I didn’t even think I ever had a chance, I thought he was going to lay on me the whole match and pin me right away but I never gave up and I overcame one of the hardest tasks of my life especially when I was warming up in the first period and in the last period of the match but after winning that match I felt like I could take on the whole world so keep on kicking.

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