Golfing With the Gaper

May 25, 2010
By Anonymous

We see a light turn on and we run as fast as we can for the safety of the brush. I was shocked to know that somebody knew we were out there. We were just having fun on the golf course, and it was completely dark out. How could they see us, it didn’t make any sense. Then I got to thinking. Could he have hit the house?

It was a friday night and Garret was over at my house. We were kind of bored so we decided to go mess around on the golf course. Technically you’re not supposed to be on the golf course unless you belong to the club, but it was night and you couldn’t see anything. So we took a nine iron and a sand wedge and were going to play up onto the green. I take a swing at the ball and hit it perfectly. Garrett takes a swing at the ball, and it looks like he hit it perfect.

About a hundred yards down we find my ball, but Garrett’s is no where in sight. We look around a while and still no ball, so I let him hit my ball and again it sounded like a pretty good hit. We’re pretty sure it hit the ground. He walks a little to the right and I walk a little to the left. There is still no ball, then all of a sudden a light turns on. Garrett and I weren’t supposed to be on the golf course in the first place, but what if we had hit that house. We take off and run for the bushes by my house. I talk to Garrett and we decide that we will slowly army crawl towards the trench by my house and then jump over the stream and run for my house. My heart is pounding all the way back, hoping that they don’t catch us and call the golf course.

To this day I still don’t know if he hit the house, but I do know that the next morning I woke up and went to look for it, and couldn’t find it anywhere. It is the only reason that they would turn on their lights, if they heard something hit their house. We made it back safe and didn’t get caught, so that is all that matters. I learned from that experience that to play night golf with your friends unless they are sure they can hit the green, and find their ball.

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