3 Rules About Wrestling Season!!!

May 23, 2010
Wrestling, wrestling, wrestling, what a lovely sport which goes right through the holidays. The time when you’re supposed to be feasting, well I guess wrestlers are feasting too …on thin air! Here are three great rules to follow if you are affiliated with wrestlers.

During these feast filled months wrestlers are supposed to be cutting weight, usually about ten pounds, maybe more. But, a little nibble here and a little nibble there can get a wrestler extremely overweight during Christmas or Thanksgiving break. After this happens wrestlers about can’t eat for about a week straight because of the amount of calories consumed. Sure wrestlers try to keep their weight under control, but being around food twenty-four seven is a little too much to ask.

To see valuable food to be left on the table or thrown in the trash is living heck for wrestlers. A lot of Mom’s say, “eat your food, there are kids starving in China” hello, there are starving wrestlers in America, it is where you live. They are close, you can offer them food. But don’t because they are secretly hating you on the inside. This is what wrestlers think when you offer food, “You no good peace of #@!@ appreciate your food, and eat it or I’m gonna put you in a dang guillotine, so you can feel my pain!!!” While they calmly say, “No thanks, I’m good.” Do not leave food on the table or throw valuable food in the trash with a wrestler present. That is rule #1.

What do wrestlers do during lunch time? It’s simple. Wrestlers head straight to the scale to see how much they drifted, maybe even see how much they can eat. For a little guy, from the time you eat breakfast to the time you eat lunch you can usually drift half a pound, or a little more. Wrestlers then go wander the halls or do homework, if they can think straight. This brings me to Rule #2 do not ask a wrestler how they feel unless you’re their mom. Do not ask this question particularly when a wrestler is P.O.ed or mad, results may very.

After the state tournament, which is usually the end of cutting weight for that year. A wrestler will keep himself absolutely full no matter the consequences for about two or three days. During this time large amounts of ice cream and other foods are consumed. Remember wrestlers haven’t had junk food for a long time so they probably will not consume all the sugary candy and chocolate, but ice cream is a definite Y.E.S! This consuming of food brings me to my next point. Wrestlers are like lions. Do not mess with them when they are eating. This is rule #3.

These three rules are what you should stick to if you want to have a good relationship with a wrestler. Do not throw away valuable food. Don’t ask how they’re feeling, and do not mess with them while they are eating. These rules may not be followed by mothers, but they are good precautions.

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