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May 22, 2010
By Emmasmommy4610 SILVER, Ocean Shores, Washington
Emmasmommy4610 SILVER, Ocean Shores, Washington
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"If you don't hit the ground hard, you'll never know what its like to get up and learn to fly."

Many highschool sports consist of teams and some kind of field or court. However, wrestling is done on a mat and even though there are teams, the competition is one on one. “Its one of the more intense sports.” Brett D. is a wrestler of 4 years. “I hated the end of highschool because it meant the end of wrestling.” Many people think about the long time television show WWE when they think about wrestling. I asked Brett if there is any comparison between real life wrestling and what many see on TV. “No way. That’s all for show. Real wrestling is actually a really passionate sport. Its not about beating the other person up. Its about technique, the ability to think before you act, and good sportsmanship.” Wrestling is a growing highschool sport that both males and females are trying. It is a sport that kids of any size or shape can do and a sport that can and will keep anyone motivated. People have wrestled for over 15,000 years. The proof can be traced to cave drawings in France. In Greece, wrestling was the number one Olympic Game. In early America, wrestling was popular at many events and served as a recreational sport at fairs, holiday celebrations, and military excersizes. “I don’t see how anyone could turn it down. It’s a huge releif from everyday things…you get on the mat and just forget.” Brett found his passion when he was 8 years old, but started to compete when he was 13. I asked him what he liked so much more about wrestling compared to other highschool sports. “It’s a sport you can really zone out on. If you can control yourself, you can win. That’s not

that way for other sports where you have to worry about your whole team aiming for the same goal.” Many people have put a bad name on wrestling because of weight control. “Some kids don’t care, they’ll wrestle up a weight class. Some kids though, they lose it.” Brett explains what many parents are afraid of by supporting their teen wrestlers. Bulimia, anorexia, and startling workout techniques are all used to lose weight. After the competition, the kids usually binge eat because they’ve gone such a long time with no food. Bulimia is the act of eating then throwing up the food. Some believe that you get nutrition from the food before you throw it up, but you really do not. Many coaches support these weight loss techniques by reminding the athletes of their need to lose. “I had to do it. I wanted the lower weight class. I wanted to be known for speed, not size. So, I sweat. I’d put on layers of clothes, a backpack, and in the hottest part of the day, I’d go jogging.” Brett smiled. “It’s not like I was hurting myself. I just really wanted to win.” Whats impressive is that it’s a sport that started with mainly male athletes. Now, females are wrestling too…and making quite the statement on the matts. “Wrestle a girl. Its not like you can say sorry. That’s insulting. It doesn’t matter who you wrestle, they all learn the same thing and are all capable of beating you. That’s the trick to winning…never get ahead of yourself, and never get cocky. I’ve lost to a girl, and it was the best loss I ever had. Wrestling is amazing.”

The author's comments:
Wrestling isn't something anyone can do. Its a sport that deserves respect.

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