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May 22, 2010
By FHockey BRONZE, Millersville, Pennsylvania
FHockey BRONZE, Millersville, Pennsylvania
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When the spring soccer season ends, this does not mean working-out is over as well. I start my summer off with running and training for the up-coming field hockey season in the fall. Being involved in two sports requires me to be in “tip-top” condition. Physically being able to do what coaches ask is one way being in shape for the season pays off. Another benefit of conditioning is it helps me be less prone to injuries and soreness during the first few weeks of the sport. Training may feel trying at times, but it has its benefits in the end.

I love participating in sports, but in order to play well, I must be in exceptional physical condition. Over the summer I prepare for field hockey, and in the winter I train for both soccer and field hockey. My training includes long distance running, playing on indoor teams in the winter, and doing leg, arm, and abdominal strengthening exercises. Performing these workouts can be tedious, and some days I would rather not go for a run or play in an indoor game. However, I always keep in mind how much easier it will be for me when preseason starts.

During preseason for both soccer and field hockey, I want to always be confident I will not pull or tear any muscles. Being in shape helps prevent this from happening. According to the website www.mamashealth.com, “Most sport injuries are preventable; there are prevention methods that can significantly reduce the risk of injury. To assist in avoiding injuries, participants should maintain fitness and train adequately.” Recently, the school’s athletic trainer had our soccer team perform an anterior cruciate ligament or, ACL, work-out to help prevent knee injuries. The day after the workout many of my teammates said they felt sore and tight in their legs. However, since I had been participating in an indoor field hockey clinic, where I was using these muscles regularly, I did not experience soreness.

Being in shape also allows me to feel energized and to keep going during practice. I am able to concentrate on improving my performance and learning new skills, because I am not constantly trying to keep up with what the coach is demanding. Staying in shape is not easy; it requires time and effort, but after a workout or practice I feel so rewarded. When I am in excellent condition, I feel good about myself.

I have chosen to train during my off seasons so I will be ready for anything that comes my way. I always want to perform to the best of my ability in whatever sport I participate in; being in shape helps me reach my potential. Whether I am cutting a move in soccer or defending the goal in hockey, I know I will be able to help contribute to the team. One time a friend of mine asked me how I keep on going, I replied, “It is not always the energy one puts forth but the motivation behind it.” For me, training definitely has its rewards.

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