Basketball Obsticals

May 14, 2010
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Every player has that team that they dread to play, and never look forward to playing them. The opponent that they always can’t beat no matter how hard they try. They always wish that just once they can beat them and actually have that one victory.

The first quarter is always a battle from the jump till the next quarter. All the players have full energy and want a good lead. It an obstacle to win that battle when the opponent is two times your size. I try to find a weakness and use it against her. Every time I play that team I lose hope and I don’t give it my all.

By the second quarter our team falls behind and we trail by a couple of points. We work hard and try to catch up. By this time in the game I want to admit defeat. My opponent has scored a lot of their points and has blocked a lot of mine. So I watch the clock count down to the half time.

By third quarter the players are tired and hope the game will end soon. Some of the players come out taking the advice that their coach had given them and try their hardest to improve. I was one of those players that took her advice and thought maybe I don’t have to admit to defeat yet. So I went out their and gave 110% I worked so hard that I hoped 4th quarter would go by fast.

4th quarter got there; we all were exhausted at this time of the game we had caught up so the score was 31-29. We had the ball and went for the points…. And it’s good. The score is now tied at 31. We manage to get the ball back and went to our side of the court. My teammate threw me the ball. I shot and almost being blocked by my opponent, but made it now we were ahead and we had about 58 sec. left. They got the ball and try to shoot but missed we won the game.

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