Shredding the skateboard without failing

May 20, 2010
By willie SILVER, Ventnor, New Jersey
willie SILVER, Ventnor, New Jersey
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“Yes I nailed that grind that was radical”! Riding skate board is fun and easy. There are many different kinds of skate board like trick board, long board, and a cruiser board which is the best. The skate board that I will teach you is a long board the reason why it is an easiest and the smoothest ride you’ll ever get from the other boards. The first step is to get on it which is simple the. Seconded step is to try to push yourself .finally you have to balance yourself so can ride it is long as you can. Shredding your element board is like you are having adrenaline to give you the rush you need.
The first step is to get the skate board. When you get the skate board you have to put it on the grass get on it try getting a feel on it try goofy foot or normal. Once you get that down try to lean so can turn if don’t get then you will only go strait which is not going to make you a good skater. Once you got that down then you go to another step which will be harder.
The seconded step is trying to ride the long board. All right then try to find a street that’s smooth and not a lot of cars past by, the reason why you cant go on the side walk, is that you fall easily, and you have to go fast, so you wont fall all the time when you go on a street you can go slow, or fast you wont when you go skating you have to find a place that lets you do two things, going fast, or slow, but there are wheels that help you make the rides smother which are the big wheels. The bigger the smoother and faster it will go. Alright then when you get on try to push your self little by little once you get the hang of it try to get big step when tilt to the right try to lean to the left, or if you are going to the left try to lean right. Alright moving to the next step the hardest thing you ever do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When come to a corner and you got the balance, the pushing it time to do what .you have to do try to make a 90 degree turn when you are going at least going 15 miles per hour and you feel the wind and the sweat on your tong then seeing your turn to make the best turn ever. When you are about to turn ban your knees try to lean to the right like put all the weight on the right so you can try to make the turn. What happens if doesn’t do that well I will say you fall face first that I will probably say.
So finally when you have every thing down like balancing, pushing your feet and try to make that sharp turn and Shredding your element board is like you are having adrenaline to give you the rush you need. When you got this down you will probably would be like a professional long board skater or if you have something else like trick board you should probably talk to Dane or ask Dane friends how to trick board.

The author's comments:
i wrote this for the girls and the little guys that cant skateboard

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