Snowboard Need

May 26, 2010
By Ana Holmen BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Ana Holmen BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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As another Christmas approached many years ago, I really wanted a snowboard,
I had just started snowboarding and fell in love with it. It was so completely different from skiing and i wanted to learn something new. Than just skiing and ski racing and snowboarding was it. It was different and had it different challenges like all new sports. Now I'm guessing you guy can tell, i am very passionate for snowboarding and as you can tell i wanted a snowboard more than anything else.

Now when i first got started when one of my race buddies ask me if i wanted to try it. We went up to the mountain got a snowboard and i was ready. but one huge problem was my left foot was point forward instead of my right and well when your first starting, trying to ride switch isn't a good idea. When they finally switch me to my right foot pointing forward i was getting it. Well as good as a beginner did.

As i got better, i knew this was for me. So the one and only thing i wanted for christmas was a snowboard. I begged my parents to get one but my parents wont tell me weather they were going to or not get me one. Christmas eve came and i planed to sneak down and see if i got a snowboard, I couldn't handle it. I wait till everyone was asleep till i got up and went downstairs to check. i went down stair to the tree and saw a shadow thing, got scared and went up stairs. Pretty lame right well it all paid off in the end.

I woke up the next morning and went running down stairs, to find a SNOWBOARD. i was so happy i finally had a snowboard that was mine. I couldn't wait and go use it , It was one of the best present i have gotten. One other good part was my parent never found out about me trying to peek at the presents i got. I learned two things that day, one i was good i being quiet so i never go caught. my parents you grandparent never found and i don't thing they will. Second If your really passionate and want something maybe and most of the time santa will help you out.

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