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May 24, 2010
By Anonymous

In many situations you are motivated every day. One of the most important
ones is love. It can happen anywhere; sports, relationships or even pets. The
possibilities are endless. There are examples in books like Flowers for Algernon and
The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp. Even movies like Gridiron Gang. It
even happens in the super bowl. The motivation of love is simply unstoppable.

In the sixties popular novel, Flowers for Algernon, love truly motivates more
than hate. Flowers for Algernon is a novel where Charlie Gordon has an I.Q of a mere
68. He then receives an operation to triple his intellect. It turns out that tripling his
I.Q actually made life much worse for Charlie. In this particular scene Charlie’s
intellect is slowly decreasing back down to his regular 68 and Miss Kinnian, his love,
tries to comfort him. “Miss Kinnian came to the door but I didn’t answer… I had
failed my research.”(Keyes pg 213) These actions show that love is a critical
motivation for humans and for that matter any species.

Another example, the action filled story of The Extraordinary Adventures of
Alfred Kropp. This is basically a current evoloution of those old King Arthur movies
but with way more technology. Alfred’s a 15 year old (as most people would call a
flat out loser) parents left him when he was young so he then lived with his uncle.
One sorry day, him and his uncle are faced with the stremendous task to steal the
sword of Excalibur (little do they know his dad is the keeper of the sword and it
contains all of the powers in the world.) In this novel Alfred Kropp’s hidden love for
adventure actually ends up saving the universe. As quoted from the book, “If you
were any other person in the world my friend, there might as well be no world…”
(Yancey pg256) All in all, love is a motivation which no one can ignore. It can do the
most impossible tasks no matter who you are.
In the recent film, Gridiron Gang, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson plays the
intense detention center manager and football coach, Sean Porter. Jade
Yorker plays the young and talented Willie Weather. Gridiron Gang is based
on a true story about Willie Weathers growing up in gangs and having to
overcome that. He finally ends up in prison with alike kids clueless in their
future. The government of California then decided to make a football team for
the prison to teach the kids about life. It is a breathtaking story about having
motivation and heart in and outside of football. In this single scene Willie’s
friend he had recently made from another rival gang is shot at one of their
football games. In his cell while thinking about going back to the streets and
his gang (his jail time ends in a week) Sean Porter comes in and they have a
less than peaceful argument.” Willie there’s no homeboys here to protect you
anymore, you befriended a rival. If you go back there they will shoot you
down but your talent and motivation could get you anywhere in football…”
(Gridiron Gang 2006) Willie had grown to love and protect his teammates on
the field
and to love the game. In real life Willie went on to play college football.

In the recent super bowl about two years ago, some say a miracle happened.
The New York Giants were down by six points to the only undefeated team in
the history of pro football, The New England Patriots. The Giants had twenty
six seconds to score. First play, “ready, set hut hut hut” and then… incomplete
pass and still what seamed like miles but only fourty yards to go. “Ready set,
hut hut” and a soaring ball, then David Tyree catching the ball in the endzone
earning the Giants the impossible catch. “ I didn’t want to say, I told you so
but we did, we proved that the New York Giants mean business.”
(nytribune.com) said by defensive end Micheal Strahan. The giants had been
motivated by loving the game and it showed in their performance.

I know what this is like too. I have experienced it. Just recently
actually at a heavenly place by the name of Windells. It was a paradise of
skiing, skateboarding and just about every other fun thing imaginable packed
into one week. Anyways, I was extremely tempted to learn 900’s ( two and a
half 360 degree spins with a grab.) I had been dreaming about it before and
something about floating through the air completing a new, hard trick and
landy in the perfectly soothing position is a feeling worth dying for. Then on
the mountain I started my conquest. First try… no. Second try… nope. Third
try… not even close. Then it happened. On something like the twenty fourth
try a perfect feeling and a ride away that had pretty much summarized my
year. I have now lived through the motivation of love and it will stay with me
To sum it up, Charlie Gordon is motivated, Eli Manning and the Giants
are. Even little Alfred Kropp is motivated by love. Anyone can be.
Whether it’s love of the game, brotherly love, love of a friend or love of
a feeling. All that is true is that it motivates far more efficiently and
effective than hatred. Love motivates far more than hate.

The author's comments:
Done for an english assignment.

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