November 27, 2007
F- force from one defender to a blocker

O- offense scores, that's game

O-officially you have won the season

T- to not enjoy your win would be a great sin

B- back and forth,up and down the field you go

A- all of a sudden you fall

L- learning later in life you lose your legs

L- learning that to smoke and abuse drugs as an athlete is not good because now you went from a player of football to a player of nothing.

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Alice B. (poem-'Sport') said...
Jul. 20, 2009 at 3:09 am
To Lonsdale S. on 'Football'
I like the fact that you used an acrostic poem to describe football. Football is one sport where people outside the sport don’t always perceive a depth of learning and understanding in the players as a result of playing the sport because it is a game that involves brute force. Using the acrostic poem form (F-force, L-learning) is like writing a definition and the definition you wrote involves both ‘Force’ and ‘Learning later in l... (more »)
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