May 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Most average human beings think that NFL is better than college ball but they are very wrong. Personally I love college ball way more than the NFL because kids have more to work for and new players come out every year. That means more or less better talent, cooler players, and bigger people. College is better because it’s more interesting and they have more to work for. What they work for, expectations and importance are all factors in why I like college.

College players have to work for a whole future ahead of them. They are trying to get into NFL which will pay them and they can do what they love for money. It can’t get better than that. NFL players are already millionaires and don’t really have to work hard but they don’t really have anything to work for that’s seriously important.

Expectations for college are much higher than anyone else. A student in college needs to worry about their body size, improving their skills dramatically and all the pressure to win and on top of all that they need to study, learn, and keep their grades up to even be able to play. All the NFL needs to worry about is their body size, skill level, and to have a clean record from the police otherwise they can get suspended a few games.

The importance of college football is much higher than NFL also because this is their future they need to learn as much as they can in case NFL doesn’t work out. They also got to get as big as they possibly can and to play the best they can to have any chance at all to play in the NFL. NFL players only got to worry about not getting hurt, clean record and super bowl. Those are the only 3 things that actually are important to them.

In the end I would say that anyone who prefers NFL over college either doesn’t know facts about what they are talking about or they are just flat out stupid. Maybe some people do like NFL but they probably just haven’t watched college ball yet. I hope one day to be able to play for a really huge college that plays on TV and have a really big stadium. I would rather do that and get a really good education than play in the NFL. (That would just be a bonus if it happened). I hope whoever has read this or is reading this essay will persuade the reader to watch more college football and maybe even prefer it over college football.

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I like football

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