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May 7, 2010
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There are many fans, coaches, and players that get upset with the unfair calls of what are supposed to be NFL referees. I am going to tell you about what referees are supposed to do, the unfairness of referees, and about a game that meant a lot to me but referees took it away, literally.

NFL referees are required and expected to know and follow the NFL digest of rules which clearly states that it is prepared to “aid players, fans, members of the press, radio, and television media in their understanding of the game.” Then it goes on and states all the official NFL rules, procedures, and penalties. The digest of rules is meant for people, and especially for fans to understand how the NFL rules work. And after fans read the digest of rules I can almost guarantee that they are looking forward to see referees being fair and calling honest calls. Referees are also expected to be fair and call rightful penalties, and I can say that those who do will be respected for their honesty and fairness.

Referees call a lot of unfair calls, but what can you do when a ref doesn’t call a penalty on a player when supposedly they didn’t see what he did all though they were looking right at him. Some referees do what ever they can to get the team to win that they want to win, not the team who played fair and deserved to win. I really think that it is not right when referees don’t call penalties on late hits.

Last and foremost I am writing about a game that meant a lot to me. This game took place in New Orleans. It was Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints. And why I am writing about this is because it was a great game, one of the best I have ever seen. The Vikings put so much effort into this game and so did the Saints. It was almost a tie game all the way through. Excitement and shock at every moment. There fumbles everywhere, along with interceptions, back and forth both teams. Then the fourth quarter came around, and I was on the edge of my seat hoping the Vikings would win. Then there was a few bad calls, like when Reggie Bush number 25 for the saints was out of bounds by the end zone off to the right side just missing the end zone and they called it a touchdown. Then I started getting nervous. A few more bad plays went by, and then it all happened; the Saint’s defense started playing dirty. More then four late hits were put on Brett Farve and not one was called as a penalty. That is what I call bad refereeing. Then Percy Harvin # 12 for the Vikings got a kick return and kneeled it, the whistle blew and a Saint’s defensive player laid him out. The player rejected to hear the whistle, although everybody was done with the play. That made me mad. Even if he didn’t hear the whistle, Harvin was “kneeling” and in the rule book when a player kneels that’s where the ball is down. And the Saint’s player still hit him late dead on the spot refusing to hear the whistle but clearly seeing the player kneeled. Any one can see that the referees of the National Football League gave this game to the New Orleans saints like a gift.

The unfairness of the NFL referees needs to shape up and really become official. NFL football is a great thing, and many people love the game and enjoy the show of it. But I can personally say they would love and enjoy it more with fair and necessary calls for both teams. And the game would be all the more exciting and entertaining.

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