Extreme Sports = Fist Ball

April 30, 2010
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Tough guys now have their chance to shine outside of their cage. This fierce and competitive sport called Fist Ball is becoming World renowned. You might consider Fist ball ancient as it began being played in the year 240. For a bit of history, the first scripted sets of rules were written by Roman Emperor Gordian III.

One of a kind, Fist Ball can be played indoors or outdoors. Would you play, don’t worry you won’t get punched? Perhaps you could become a professional player in Fist Balls elite leagues.

Similar to volleyball, the idea of Fist Ball is to hit a round ball over a volleyball liked net. This sport can use your extreme muscle building, as you power your strokes over the net for more points.

In the World Games competition for Fist Ball the rules are very strict. As an example, the ball must have a circumference of 68 cm in order for it to be considered an official game ball, that’s 3cm bigger that a volleyball. After the player hits the ball over the net, his or her opponent must wait until the ball has hit the playing field at least once before hitting it.

Similar to the Olympics, the World Games competition for Fist Ball gives out gold, silver and bronze medal finishes. Since 1968 at least 11 different countries have

medaled. Did you know that the record for the most gold medals won was set by the West Germans men’s team with 7? The World Games of Fist Ball are played every 3 to 4 years. If you like competition, this is the place for you. Relax inside or outside with your friends. As the competition begins relax and enjoy the action of Fist Ball.

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