The Big Game

April 15, 2010
By Ryan Kassing BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
Ryan Kassing BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
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Last basketball season we played a lot of games and won the majority of them, but then came regional’s. In the beginning of the game, we didn’t play too badly. We were losing by a little. But then after the first quarter we were not playing good basketball at all, we were bricking lay-ups and we weren’t even moving our feet on defense. It was getting out of hand!

Our coaches yelled at us to play better and all of that stuff, but it didn’t work. We still weren’t playing well. And of course the referees weren’t the best, but that is just an excuse.

We ended up losing that game by a lot. It wasn’t a very good game, but I think that this taught us a lesson such as we can’t think that we are too good because it just so happened that we weren’t! Hopefully if we practice hard enough and are not too cocky, maybe, just maybe, we will do better in the regular season and state tournament in our eighth grade year!

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