Game Time

April 15, 2010
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While I walk through the gym, everything is getting set up for the game ahead, thought are racing through my mind. Thoughts about how I will play and what I can do to play better. Then, as everyone is in the locker room changing into their uniform, the tension and nervousness starts to rise as we get closer and closer to game time. The laid back spirit that everyone had before the game starts to wear off. When everyone has their uniform on, the gym with everyone in it, hears the buzzer. The buzzer that gets everyone’s attention in the whole room, and the entire gymnasium knows that that means warm-ups start. As the players step on to the court, the butterflies start to disappear with every second that goes by. Their love of the game gets them ready for what is ahead. Once warm-ups are finished, everyone on the team heads for the locker room for the final pre-game speech to get the players pumped for the game. As the coach begins to talk about what we have to do, the players have trouble concentrating on his words as they think about the game ahead. Then the coach gets a reply all together from the players to answer his questions. The questions that he asks to get the adrenaline pumping for the walk out on the court during the final seconds before game time. Then their feel and love for the game keeps them going through the game. And after that, it’s all basketball that’s left out on the court.

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