The Mechanical Horse

April 8, 2010
By sayre BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
sayre BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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What can a mechanical horse do for children who want to do therapeutic riding? Well the horse could simulate movements of the human pelvis as if they are walking, improve circulation, balance, and coordination. People who are mentally and physically impaired can benefit from therapeutic riding. If someone is to scared to get on a real horse, the mechanical horse would be a more comforting option. Unlike a real horse the mechanical horse’s speed can be controlled to the riders liking. Also a saddle can still be fitted on the mechanical horse, the saddle even has a bar for riders to grasp. The saddle can also be taken of to simulate bareback ridding. The saddle only moves to simulate all movements of a real horse, virtually in all directions. Over all the mechanical horse could benefit millions of people with mental and physical disabilities.
I think the mechanical horse can not provide every thing for people with mental and physical disabilities. A mechanical horse may fell like your ridding a real horse, but when you take away the horse is it really fun? I feel if you take away the horse you take away the love, personality, sights, and fun. The horse provides the love and shares its outgoing personality with you. Also when you ride a horse its always fun to look around and enjoy the fresh air. Love, personality, sights, and fun is why I love to ride horses. If you took all those things away it wouldn’t be fun to ride a horse. When you ride a horse you expect a loving animal to take you around on its back for your enjoyment, not a peace of metal to sit on while a saddle moves beneath you. If I had a choice to ride a mechanical horse or a real horse, I would choose a real horse. I feel that people with mental and physical disabilities don’t ride horses just for exercise they also come for the love. You cant brush and hug a mechanical horse and expect them to love you back. As you can see mechanical horses will never replace the real horse.

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