April 5, 2010
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The beat of the baskestball hitting the cement ground soothed me. The night sky had fallen and the moon was shining down on me.
The sound of 'swoosh' when ever the ball went into the basket. The bugs biting at my legs. I was alone in the dark, it was just me, the ball and the basket.
My passion for basketball is as big as my open heart. Though I'm not on a team of some sort, I don't believe in teams.
I could be out here all night shooting baskets if I chose to do so. No body seems to care about me anymore so I suppose they wouldn't care if I stayed outside all night.
The air was chill, the grass was wet with dew. The moon was as big as a bowling ball. The wind grew strong.
The wind and I were fighting against each other, it was as if the wind was pushing me to go inside, but I refused. After a few struggles it started to rain terribly.
I was still out there playing in the pouring rain. My clothes and hair were soaked but it didn't bother me, though it did slow me down a bit. I was having a bit of trouble seeing the basket so after a while I gave in.
For the next few days it rained, I haven't played basketball since that one night when it first started to down pour.
My passion for basketball is as big as a person's love to another.

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