14 Ferocious Deer

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

They are the only ones who know me. But I am not the only one who know them. 14 ferocious deer, with amazing skills and the will to push on. 14 who many love, and many do not know how they got here, but don’t care they love them so. 14 raggedy looking people, all pushing for one goal whom no one can stop. From the places we go to, we can still here them never quiting. Many don’t care about the things they do, and say, “It’s luck, I won’t happen again.”
Their strength is working together. They move and act with amazing skills, that others cannot stop. As they keep moving they become stronger together and use that to help each other, always with cheers and sometimes with vengince. This is how they do it.
Let no one forget what they are doing this year, for this is something many have not seen before. Bringing a place like this together, for the first time in years. Fear, fear, fear, the deer they say when you cheer. They listen.
Whenever they get down a bit or lose here and there, they just remember the people who care saying fear, fear the deer. Then it is them who look to us, and remember were the ones who care. After the years long and gone. 14 will stand strong. 14 who worked together and remembered to always instil fear. 14 whose only reason is for the ship.

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The 2009-2010 milwaukee bucks

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