Should the NFL Expand the Regular Season?

March 30, 2010
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The NFL should make the regular season longer by making the final two preseason games regular season.

For over 45 years, the NFL has provided people with such great entertainment. Football fans all across the nation show their passion for the game only twice a week for seventeen weeks, and they want more.

The NFL expanding their regular season by two weeks is a great idea in my opinion.

One reason why this is a great idea is because of the ratings the NFL would build. During the preseason, the NFL doesn’t really get that many viewers because the starters seldom play. Starters only play the first half, sometimes only the first quarter, during preseason. No fan wants to sit down for three hours to watch starters play for a half.

Secondly, the NFL is the most entertaining sport today yet it is by far the shortest. Fans go crazy over football and the duration of the regular season is only 4 months. MLB is 7 months with 62 games. NBA is 7 months with 82 games. The NFL is only 4 months with only 16 games; now that’s ridiculous.

People may disagree with extending the NFL season because they may have sympathy towards the NFL players and all the games they have to play; their sympathy is a waste. Players in the NFL even want to play two more games just as much as us fans want them to! These players are well shaped and well disciplined; fatigue is no issue.

In conclusion, the NFL definitely needs to expand the regular season. The players want it, and so do fans across the nation!

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