March 29, 2010
By shebesta BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
shebesta BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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My Weekend with Football

Thud! I just got tackled really hard by the hardest hitter in the 7th grade. That’s the risk I take when I play running back. As you can see my favorite sport to play and watch is football. I like football because I play football for the Colts and watch a ton of football on the weekends. This is my week during football season. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I have football practice. On Friday I go to all of the home Bulldog football games. On Saturdays I have a football game at 10:30. Then I go home and watch College Football. On Sundays I watch NFL football because I have two fantasy football teams and a football Pick em' Pool. That means I pick a team to win every week for 17 weeks. Also, every week the person with the most picks right gets about 40 dollars and if I win the entire pool I get about 150 dollars.
Some of my favorite college football teams to watch are the Wisconsin Badgers, Alabama Crimson Tide, and Virginia Tech. I like the Wisconsin Badgers because I live in Wisconsin and one of my favorite players is on that team his name is John Clay. I like Alabama because Marc Ingram on the team. He won the Heisman trophy in 2009 and the National Championship. He was only a sophomore too! I like the Virginal because the have the coolest jerseys I have ever seen. Also these teams are pretty good record wise.
My favorite NFL teams are the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, and the Atlanta Falcons. I like the Packers because they are my hometown team and they are pretty good too. I like the Viking because they have cool jerseys and Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, and Adrian Peterson are on the team. I like the Atlanta Falcons because on my fantasy team I have three people from that team. My favorite NFL players are Adrian Peterson, Michael Turner, and Chris Johnson. I like all of these players because they are my idols because I am a running back just like they are.
I also play for the Colts. I am one of the three starting running backs. The other two starting running backs are Jonathon S. and Aaron H. Compared to our backup running backs we are really good. The rest of the starting offense is Matt W. at quarterback. Garret S. and Tyler S. are our tight ends. Our offensive linemen are Spencer A., Kyle P., Tucker H., Taylor C., and Zach N. So that’s our first string offense. Now I will tell you about our starting defense. They are Tristan S. and Drew D. at cornerback. Our safety is Sam K.. Our linebackers are: Evan G., Zack L., and Jason I.. Our defensive ends are Nikko V. and Tom B. Last, but not least, are our defensive lineman. They are: Tyler W., Lucas R., and Joey V.

Now this is the start of our season. We played against the Rebels. We won that game in a close win with a score of 14 to 6. That game our offense could not get the ball in the end zone. The defense gave us the ball on the 20 yard line about 10 times and we scored only twice. I was really mad because I should have scored but a guy tripped me at the 1 yard line. Next game was against the Cardinals. We ended up losing that game 8 to 0. Their only touchdown was like an 80 yard touchdown run right when halftime was over. Don’t get me stared about the refs! They were terrible. The only calls were on us and they called at least 10 on us in the last minute when we were marching down the field. That caused us a touchdown. Our next game was against the Seahawks. We won a blow out game 28 to 6. Not to brag, but I had a marvelous game with about 150 yards and 2 touchdowns. I ran all of those yards with 20 plays. Each play I ran about 10 to 20 yards a run. Our next game was against the Jr. Blue Dukes. We lost that game 12 to 0. That game again we could not score a touchdown or even move the ball. But our defense, don’t even get me started. They could not tackle, they could not protect the ends, and they could not get to the quarterback for the sack. This puts us at a record of 2 and 2. Our next game was against Nicolet. We beat them big time with a score of 40 to 0. I was really happy about that game because I scored a touchdown and a lot of new people on our team scored a touchdown too. Also, we had an interception returned for a touchdown by Kyle S.. Our last regular season game was against the Blackhawks. We beat them 12 to 0. Our coaches hate the Blackhawks so much because they are our rivals. I think we should have beaten them by more than just 12 points. What I think is funny is that we have beaten the Blackhawks four years in a row without them scoring a point. The funny part is that our defensive coaches made a shirt saying “Colts 72 Blackhawks 0”. So at the end of our season we ended with a pretty good record of 4 and 2. Our first playoff game was against Red. They came into that game undefeated with a record of 6 and 0. Going into that game made me very nervous because I saw this guy who was about 5 feet 10 inches tall and he was their quarterback. They also had a very big, scary defensive line. We came out there with the ball and outscored them 21 to 0 in the first and second quarter. I helped that out with the third play of the game with a 60 yard run then I got tackled at the five yard line. In the third and fourth quarter they scored 14 points. But finally we intercepted the ball when they were marching down the field to try to get their 21st point. Then our offense held the ball for the last three minutes and we pulled away with a win with a score of 21 to 14. Our last game of our playoffs and 7th grade season was against Oshkosh. We played them in a scrimmage in the beginning of the year and they beat us big time. So I was intimidated by them before the game. I was scared because they have a tight end that is about 6 feet tall and is really good. We ended up winning that game 34 to 12. That was the end of my 3rd season, and I had 3 touchdowns that season. The record of our season was 6 and 2.
At the end of each year every Colts team by grades go to the Colts banquet. When Parents, players, and siblings go there you eat chicken, noodles, and a lot of other good food. Then each player gets announced by the coaches and some of the best people get awards. The award that I got was the “caption” award for offense. That was my 3rd award in three years. In 5th grade I won the Monster Man award and in 6th and 7th grade I won the caption award. Now I hope to win one in 8th grade.

During football season on Fridays I try to go to all of the home Bulldog football games. When I go to the games most of my friends are there and the games are fun to watch. The field is set up this way: in the middle of the field is the stadium and on the left of the field are the home bleachers. On top of the bleacher is the press box where the announcer sits. Behind the home bleachers is the High School. On the right are the bad, away bleachers. Behind the bad bleachers is the soccer field and behind that is the Middle School. All around the field is a black and white track were the cheerleaders stand and cheer. Around the track is a fence so no one can go on the field. To the left of the fence is a snack shack. The food that they have in the snack shack is chips, burgers, drinks, candy, and popcorn. My favorite food there is the popcorn and hot chocolate. To the left of the snack shack is an area where all of the kids and teenagers stand around and talk. Where everybody stands is very muddy and nasty which gets all over the kids shoes. There is only a little bit of good grass there. When you are at the game all of the parents sit there and watch the game when the kids are out talking and hanging out. The best games to go to are the homecoming games. They are the best because there is a parade downtown before the game. Then you meet up with your friends at the game later. Also all of the people with team spirit dress up all orange and black and they paint their faces, and spray paint their hair. The past couple of years the Bulldogs have been really good they mainly loss to Homestead. Homestead is one of the best teams in the league and the past three years they go to the division one team championship and win it. They always make it to the playoffs but never get that far. So that is my life about football.

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