Game day

March 3, 2010
It’s a Saturday, the crazy day before the basketball championship. I am anticipating what will happen against Bear creek? What will the score be? Will I play good? Will we win? And what time will the game be? With nothing to do accept watch T.V. and eat popcorn. I go outside to practice shooting some free throws and other basketball shots.

I grab my outdoor basketball and head outside. Every time goes threw the circular orange rim it makes the noise like rain from the chain net. Swish, swish, miss seems to be the pattern and I can’t even get 10 in a row like normal. I keep trying but can’t do it. So, if in basketball when you’re not shooting very well, you always get up close to the basket and make your way further back. Every basket you make, take 1 step back until you get to the three-pointer. Once I finished that I went back to the free throw lane and made 10 in a row. Now that’s what’s supposed to happen.

When I get that I’m satisfied and decide to shoot only three pointers which I make about 5 out of 10 and if it’s a hot streak 8 or 9 out of 10. I head back inside and it’s just about time to go to bed then play the championship game in the morning.

Get dressed and eat some bacon is how I’m going to start the morning. My mom is glad as a squirrel when it finds it’s nuts for winter, to make me bacon especially since we are about to go to a very important game. So, I finish the breakfast and it’s time to go play some basketball.

We have arrived and my blood was pumping. Tip off, one of the most important things in this sport. You get the first possession and possibly the first points. Score, Score, Score, Miss my team is up by 10 at the end of the half. 2 quarters away from victory. I want to shut this team down right now so we don’t somehow lose. So, I get in the game and annihilate the team. I make 6 baskets in a row and we win. In the end it was great especially getting M.V.P. of the league.

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