A Trick Seen Around the World

February 26, 2010
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(Skate Park in California, with a lot of people grinding rails and going down ramps. Aaron rolls in).
Aaron (pumped up): Hey.
Skater 1: You ready for today.
Aaron: Yeah.
(Aaron grinds a rail) Aaron: Oh yeah I did that perfectly did you see that Nick?
Nick (excited) Yeah man; you know what would be even cooler?
(In a curious voice) Aaron: What?
Nick: A wheelchair back flip (pauses to let that sink in).
(Thinking) Aaron: that would be awesome
Nick: Come over here Aaron try it in foam first.
Aaron (excited): Okay
Nick: I will grab your chair for you once I help you up the ladder
Aaron (focused): I can go up the ladder just stay behind me so I don’t fall
Nick (calmly): Alright man
Aaron: Nick I’m ready for the chair
Nick: Here you go man
Aaron (grabs his wheels).
Nick (watches as Aaron’s in the air): I don’t know if you got this.
Aaron (looks over at Nick): Yes I can!
Nick (realizes Aaron is distracted): Be careful!
Aaron before he even realizes it he is in foam: Wow that just happened.
Nick runs up to him: Sorry if I distracted you.
Aaron (anger): No you’re not.
Nick (chuckles): Yes I am
Aaron (annoyed): Whatever
Nick: Try again
Aaron (determined): I’m not giving up
Nick: Try not to slip this time
Aaron: No really Nick
Nick (with caution): Okay
Aaron calmly: I want to go back on the ramp.
Nick: Let’s go then.
Aaron (excited): I’m ready.
Nick (questioning): Are you sure?
Aaron: Yes.
Nick: here you go again.
Aaron (sits back in his chair): Thanks!
Nick: No problem.
Aaron (sits at the top of the ramp): I can do it!
Nick: Yeah Aaron.
Aaron (on the edge of the ramp ready to drop in) Here I go.
Nick (watching Aaron very carefully): I will stay quiet.
Aaron: Nick, you are talking.
Nick: Sorry go ahead.
Aaron (going down the ramp): I’m not going to make it.
Nick: Yes you are.
Aaron (head hits the ground hard): Ouch!
Nick (concerned): Are you alright?
Aaron (dazed): Yeah, just a little dizzy, I need to take a break.
Nick: Take a break.
Aaron (collects himself to think about his mistakes)
Nick: You ready again?
Aaron Yes.
Nick: Do you know what your mistake was that time?
Aaron: Yeah I pulled up to far and couldn’t make the chair land flat in time.
Nick: You will get it right keep trying.
Aaron: Thanks man
Nick: What do you want to do now?
Aaron (quick to answer): Try to land a back flip.
Nick (smiling): Why did I even ask?
Aaron (laughing) I don’t know you know me I don’t give up.
Nick: You are right about that.
Aaron: I will land a back flip no matter what.
Nick (excited): Come on then!
Aaron (yells): I’m coming!
Nick: Faster!
Aaron (laughing): I am.
Nick (Nick sets Aaron up): Aaron I think something broke off your chair.
Aaron: What! (Looking at his chair carefully) Where?
Nick: On the wheel.
Aaron (Looks at both wheels): They are just loose and scratched up from my last fall.
Nick: You need me to tighten things up for you.
Aaron (Confident): I think I can do it if I just lean over. You got tools?
Nick: Yeah, but they are for skateboard wheels.
Aaron (calm): We can try them first and if they don’t work I can call someone.
Nick: Good idea.
Aaron: Yeah I can ask them to come and fix it real quick.
Nick (Goes over to his book bag): Let’s try these tools.
Aaron (questioning): Are the tools doing the job?
Nick: No, I can’t get them to tighten up.
Aaron: Let me try I am at a better angle and all I have to do is lean over like I said.
Nick: (gives Aaron tools)
Aaron (frustrated): I can get it but it is not good enough the wheels aren’t tight enough for me to try the back flip again.
Nick: Yeah those front wheels are important for balance call that guy.
Aaron (grabs his cell phone from pocket): I am
Person being called: Hello?
Aaron: Hey John it is Aaron.
John: Oh hey, Aaron what do you need?
Aaron: I am doing tricks at the skate park and my wheels came loose. I need help tightening them.
John (happy): Ok buddy I will be right over. I’m only down the street. I got time.
Aaron (excited): Awesome thanks man I am trying to land a back flip!
John (surprised): Cool man.
Nick: Is he coming?
Aaron (hangs up his phone): Yes, he says he is close by.
(As Aaron and Nick are talking John walks in.)
John (walks up to them): Hey guys.
Aaron: Hey man.
Nick: Hey.
John (looks at Aaron’s chair): What did you say the problem was?
Aaron: The wheels are loose.
John: Let me see what I can do.
(Nick and Aaron in unison): Cool!
John: Oh I see the problem.
Aaron: You do?
John: Yeah the reason you guys couldn’t do anything is because the bolt is stripped out. It is also cracked.
Aaron (realizing his mistake): I must have hit the ramp harder than I thought. Sorry John.
John: No problem that is what I’m here for to fix chairs.
Aaron: Do you have what you need to fix it?
John: Yes I always carry my tools with me.
John: Can you sit on the ground for a second it would be a lot easier that way.
Aaron: Sure
John: Ok, I will get your chair working before you know it.
Aaron: Thanks.
(John takes the bolt off): So what are you trying to do?
Aaron: A back flip.
John (has the other bolt ready): Whose idea was it?
Nick: Both of ours.
Aaron: Yeah we thought it would be awesome.
John (finished repairing chair): Now you are ready to make it.
Aaron: OK Nick break time is over. Let’s land this baby!
Nick: (gets up quick): Right behind you Aaron.
Aaron: John can you stay to watch me land this back flip?
John: Sure this will be awesome.
Aaron: Yes.
Nick (creating a path for Aaron): Looks like people found out about your attempt.
Aaron (looking around): This is crazy!
Nick: You are well liked.
Aaron (ignoring his comment): Come on Nick, I’m ready to do this.
Nick: Here you go remember try not to get distracted this time.
Aaron (sharp and quick): I won’t I’m focused this time.
Nick: How’s your head from before?
Aaron: My head is fine and I’m so pumped up now I don’t feel the pain.
Nick (laughing): You are awesome.
Aaron: Thanks Nick
Nick: One more time.
(Aaron waiting impatiently)
Nick: Watch your hand placement. So your hands don’t slip.
Aaron: Ok thanks.
Aaron: Can I try the back flip now?
Nick: Go for it.
Aaron (on the edge ready to drop in)
(Aaron going down the ramp and he is up)
Nick (nervous holds his breath)
(Aaron yanks his chair up and his chair makes that sweet sound of hitting the ground flat).
Aaron rolls down the back of the ramp. Everyone cheers).
Nick (running over): Aaron you landed the back flip!
Aaron : (big smile) Awesome.

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