A Dream

February 26, 2010
By Anonymous

“Jordan get down here!, its time for your basketball game now”, his mother yelled from the living room. Basketball was like candy to Jordan, because it seemed as if he liked basketball more than six year olds liked candy. (figurative language) Jordan played basketball for hours in a day, and if he got lucky sometimes his dad would come out to play one on one with him. After Jordan had put his shorts on and hopped in the car, they were off to the high school for his basketball game.

Jordan was waiting in the car seat, waiting for the game to start, and waiting to beat the other team with excitement and energy running through his veins. (repetition for affect) Finally Jordan arrived at the high school just in time for his game to start. Jordan, one of the best players on the team, jumped for the ball in the first half. (A positive) Jumping for the ball Jordan's team got the ball first. (participle) Jordan was wide open in the 2 point area and he got the ball, then the young brown haired boy shot the ball. (action verbs)

“2 pointer!”, the announcer yelled. Jordan was happy, blood flowing,and feet moving fastly, he knew that he could win this game! (absolute) The team, determined and motivated, were running up and down the court, taking every shot they could when they had a chance to win the game. (adjectives shifted out of order)

“Go Jordan!”, screamed his mom from the bleachers. Jordan made every move he could to try to stop the other team from scoring on them. Jumping for the ball, running for the ball, and scoring every shot he made, Jordan felt like Michael Jordan as he played against the other team! The score was 34-7 at the end of the game. Jordan went to find his mom to go home. When Jordan got home he put on his normal clothes, which were a a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt. Jordan and his mom lived in Harlem, New York,there was a lot of crimes and gun shots where they lived , so his mom never let him outside.

“I wonder if I am going to win my last game tomorrow”?, Jordan thought to himself. Jordan's alarm clock went off, it was time for his final game.

“hey mom, are you ready to go”?, Jordan asked.

“yeah, I'm ready”!, his mom yelled from the other room. They arrived at the high school for their game. Jordan jumped for the ball, and they got it first! His friend billy passed the ball to him as he waited as the 3-point arc, he shot the ball with fear running through him, it bounced off the rim two times and then went in! At the end of the game the score was 46-39 and Jordan's team had won! Jordan threw his fist in the air with excitement! And that was the best fame of his life that day, and he will never forget it.

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