February 26, 2010
By tech9 BRONZE, Monte Vista, Colorado
tech9 BRONZE, Monte Vista, Colorado
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The taste of sweat as a long day in the gym what a day it was thou my dream of being on varsity has happened. So the day started off with me determined to make the varsity team that I didn’t do anything but think about making the team. So I showed up the past two years all I have had was being on the second team JV this year thou I am going to do my best and make the varsity team that is my goal. The day started off with me shooting around with the team when the coach walks in and blows a coaches favorite toy for basketball the whistle. That means go to the baseline when you hear that you know your nightmare has just started.
Pains going through your mind as you know that this is going to be a rough practice last day before they pick the teams. Anxious to start the coach describe to use that this is the last day we will all be practicing together because the C and JV team practice in the morning. Your skin has Goosebumps as you are nervous because you know about the morning practices they suck to. So we start an hour into practice your drenched in sweat bleeding from the mouth as you take an elbow to the mouth in the rebounding drill your body aches as you have court burn all over your legs. But you have too much heart to stop working to do your best. Then you feel the hardness to breathe as you run you are so tired that your lungs have given up on you.

After you run on what it feels like you ran for three hours you get a break you go outside to get a feel for the nice crisp breezy air you get refreshed and go back to the gym the coach awaits his team to come back then he says the four worst words that he can say now TO THE BASE LINE we go your body is equivalent to those words already to five minutes into the next drill the layups your body doesn’t really like your brain much because your body doesn’t want to work but your brain wants to keep going. It seems like every step you take will be the last before your legs fall off. Aching exhaustion that is what your body feels like but you want that varsity spot so you keep going. The thing that I think is what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so that is all I am thinking right now. Then at the end the teams are split they start the first seven spots are taken your nervous heart pounding start to sweat again then the eighth person they say is your name all of a sudden the monkey that was on your back is gone and it is a wonderful feeling all that running sweating bleeding was worth it in the end.

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