February 26, 2010
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Todd, the best player ever, wore number 2.(appositive) Which was his favorite player his name was Derek Jeter .Derek Jeter played for the new York Yankees. Todd hopes he can play for them someday, he works hard everyday so he can. For collage he wants to play were Jim abbot the famous one handed pitcher played which was Michigan. Todd was a shortstop like Derek Jeter. Smacking balls out of the park.(participle)Baseball was like sweet sweet candy to Todd.(figurative language) That's how much he loved baseball. His actions were like sprinting for his life, sliding underneath a bus, and catch bombs to save the world.(action) he would make the all stars every year, he was so good. Todd always thought that the would make the pros. (thoughts) At the pace he was going he is going to make it. He would eventually make it to the pros and be one of the fastest players in the pros. Todd would become the most runs ever and the most stolen bases, then would eventually make it in the hall of fame. He will be known forever by everyone and it all stared when he liked Derek Jeter now Derek jeter is a fan of him.

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