New York

February 23, 2010
By Anonymous

5 in the morning I feel my mom tapping on my shoulder saying

“Brian you need to wake up now” over and over again.

“Today was the day” I thought over and over again.
Today was the day that I would see what a real city looks like for the first time. By 6 we were out the door heading for the train to go to

“The city,” thats what I called New York City.
Every thought that was going through my head at this point was about New York City. The thought that I hated the most was the thought of

“Why was New York such a huge deal.”
I hated that thought because I couldn’t answer it I could almost answer it but not completely. While I was thinking of this thought I was in the car on the way to the train. This train would take us into New York City. I was really bored and since the car can get really boring you have to think of stuff to do with out getting in trouble and since my brother is the biggest trouble maker in the world it was hard. Thirty minutes had passed and we were at the train station and in 5 minutes we had to be getting to the train. So of course my parents were really stressed and since Bennett and I didn’t know what going to New York City was like we were quiet. The five minutes was really fast and the next thing I was doing was on the train for an hour. When we got off the train we were in downtown New York City. The first thoughts in my head were thinking if I would see people die since I was going to be in New York City for a whole day . The site of New York was beautiful. I never thought that New York would be so gross with all the pollution. The first thing I saw coming off the train was were the Twin Towers used to be. I have always wanted to see those but those dang terrorists destroyed them before I could get to see them. This was my first time in New York City so I was really excited but I was also scared because I always thought of New York City being a very violent city I was wondering how many people usually die here in a day. The first thing my parents said that we were going to do was to go get on a tour bus so that we could go see anything we wanted. I didn’t like the fact that we had to run/ jog to get to the place where we would be getting our tickets. While my mom and dad were I was looking around times square. After getting yelled at like 3 times bye my mom for not walking fast enough we got to the place where we would be getting out tickets. We walked into the store like thing It was really red and there were a lot of lights every where I could see. The flashing lights and the loud music made me think that it was a Hard Rock Cafe. we got the tickets and headed out the door to the red bus that was outside the doorway the bus had a huge design of a whale on it. That design made me think about why there was a whale on it. The bus was one of those double decker busses like the ones in London I always wanted to go on the top of one of those busses. I told my parents that I wanted to go on the top of the bus and the said that they would try. I didn’t think my parents wanted to go on the top. We were towards the end of the line so we didn’t get to go on the top but at the second stop a lot of people from the top got off and se we got to go up to the top. I couldn’t describe how happy I was because so many things that I thought would never happen happened today and it was just the start of the day . First I got to go to New York City secondly I got to take a tour of New York City thirdly I was going to be able to go into one of the most famous toy stores in the world. Bye time the day was over I bet half of the things that I always wanted to do will happen. We were on the top of the bus and I could see everything it was so sweet. The first site that we were going to see was the Empire State building. The tour guide was telling us all this stuff that I never wanted to know. He was talking about this building was made and all this other stuff that no one really cared about I was about to yell

“No one cares”
but that would have been mean.
The guy had a really weird voice so it was really funny to listen to him talk I was laughing half the time I was listening to him and I got asked like 20 times why I was laughing. A lot of people were getting off the bus to go into the Empire State building. I asked my parents if we could go in too. My parents said no because there was already a hour long line and pretty much everyone was getting off the bus which would add another 30 minutes to the line. I didn’t really care because the Empire State building never really excited me. Also I knew that my parents didn’t really want to see it.
After like 10 minutes of sitting there in front of the building waiting for people to get off and get on we were off driving to our next destination A Macy’s store. I would have never thought that a Macy’s store would be on the tour because it’s just a store. I later learned that the Macy’s store was named after a guy whose name had Macy in it and he had a tattoo of a red star on the back of his hand and when you saw him you would no its him because of the red star tattoo. I didn’t want to get off here but I didn’t tell my parents that because I thought my mom would want to get off here and today was a special day to her too. We ended up not getting off at this spot so I was happy. The next stop I was really excited for because It was The Statue of Liberty. I really wanted to see this monument because I seen it on TV and in magazines and It always made me want to see it. We were one of the first people to get off the bus and we weren’t going straight to the monument. We had to eat lunch first because we wouldn’t be back on to the Island until like 3 because of the trip out to the Statue and for the time we spend out there and the trip back. There weren’t any restaurants near by so we had to eat a hot dog from a hot dog stand. 15 minutes later we were waiting in line to get on the boat to go to the island. I have always hated lines so this made me really crazy. I got to the front of the line and the police made me take off my backpack. I really hate it because you see all these people get checked and you think thats going to be me getting be easy but when you get to the police officer your start to think bad things. The officer said that I was free to go. So I stood there on the other side of the gate waiting for my parents and Bennett to cross the police gate. There what I really long walk to the boat. I really wanted to get on the boat so I started to run and my parents started to yell at me because they told me to never run on a board walk. But I do anyways because I really wanted to get to the boat so we could go see the Statue of Liberty. The boat ride was a really long boat ride I really hated it. After the 30 to 40 minute boat ride we got off the boat and headed towards the statue. We couldn’t go up into the statue because it was closed and I really didn’t like that because my first time going to New York City and probably my last one while I’m a kid The Statue of Liberty is closed. We got to get pictures in front of it though so that was cool. My mom really got mad at me because I wouldn’t smile because my smile sucks and I don’t really know how to smile so it looks good. The Statue of Liberty was really cool! After 1 hour of walking around the island and looking at the statue we got in line to go back to the main land. The rest of the day would be heading back to my cousins house. We would be getting on the tour bus to go back to the subways. I got used to the subways because of Maryland and the number of time that I had to ride them. The ones in New York City were so loud though so it was really annoying to go on them. Every time I was on one I would always think bad things and when I would get off of it I would think of the best things. The stop that we got off to go on to the train back to New Jersey was across the street from where the twin towers used to be. I look at it for about 10 minutes questioning why tourists are so bad. After looking at where the twin towers used to be we got on the train back to New Jersey. After we got back to New Jersey it was 10 o’clock and I went to bed. Before I went to bed I was thinking about

“ Is New York City really that bad of a place crime-wise?”

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