February 11, 2010
I’m so nervous! I feel like my tummy is going to explode and my heart is going to pound right out of my chest and swim as far away as possible.

“Are you sure this is safe? I’m so nervous.” I squeal.

“Of course! It is so exciting! You will love it!” Lauren says.

Lauren has been my best friend since I can even remember. I love her so much, and I trust her, but I really am scared and nervous. They strap me into the wakeboard, putting this green gooey stuff on so I can slide into the board. I guess they have to tighten really tight so I will not fly out or anything…

I jump into the water thinking it is going to be a nice sunny day in Wisconsin. Boy was I wrong! The water must have been 40 degrees!

“Oh my goodness, Lauren! Get me out of here!”

“It’s okay! This is actually nice water!”

Wow. This is getting ridiculous. I am cold, scared, nervous, nauseous, weak, and I just want to go home.

“Okay Stephanie, you want to hold onto the rope really tightly. Make sure you lean back so you won’t face plant. When we start moving, start leading the wakeboard to one side so you can stand up. Don’t worry honey, you’ll do awesome!” Yells Charlotte, Lauren’s mom, over the roaring engine of the boat.

I want to say something but I just cannot. All I can do is thumbs up and the fakest smile that was ever made in history. Charlotte starts moving and I can barely get out on top of the water. I try to get up and pick a side to wakeboard on, but as I try to get up I forget to lean back, so I totally face plant.

It was the worst feeling I have ever felt. My limbs totally collapsed and I fell into the dark blue water. My whole body was burning in pain.

“Are you okay Steph?” Lauren asks

“Yeah, just perfect.” I said with the worst possible sarcasm in the world.

“That’s okay sweetie, just get back up and dust yourself off. Let’s try again.” Charlotte says as she throws the rope to me again.

I really don’t want to, but I don’t want to let my best friend down. What do I have to lose? Okay, so I grab the rope and prepare myself for round two.

“Here we go.” I whisper to myself.

Charlotte starts revving the engine, and takes off. I slowly come up to the top of the water and choose my side. I remembered to lean back, and control my feet. I was actually wakeboarding! Oh the summer sunlight beating on my skin felt amazing, the breeze of the Wisconsin forest air was refreshing.

I was wakeboarding for a couple of minutes, so I decide to go out of the wake. I slowly move my direction to the right, and as I get near the wake I start to get a little paranoid.

“Don’t push yourself! You’re doing amazing!” Lauren yells over the roaring boat.

I push myself anyways. I swallow my nervous feelings and thrust myself over the wake. I made a little jump and I was gliding on top of the glassy, perfect water. The feeling of accomplishing something I was so afraid of was exhilarating! I kept going in and out of the wake and touching just the top of the still water, feeling it was the best feeling.

I decide to finally let Lauren do her turn. I let go of the rope and slowly sink into the water. I swim over to the boat feeling very accomplished.

“Awesome job Stephanie! That did not look like your first time!” Lauren basically screamed with thrilling tone.

“Well, yeah. It was so fun. I’m very happy I went wakeboarding today” I say calmly, even though there was a party going on in my heart and stomach.

I learned today that you cannot be afraid of something; you have to bite it and overcome your fears. I learned how to wakeboard.

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