kick boxin dream

February 11, 2010
By guilberto perez BRONZE, Austin, Texas
guilberto perez BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Period. 5th

Kick boxing dream

I can be a champion, he thought, but should I fight? Pablo junior was a teenager who wanted to be a fighter. He always had that dream, and he goes for the money.
When Pablo junior was a little kid he loved watched a lot of kick boxing fights. When he was ten years old, his dad died and, he stayed a lone with his mom and his mom don’t work the only person who works was his dad and one day he talk to his mother that he wants to be a
Kick boxing fighter and, his mom told him no because, he can died in a fight like other fighters and Pablo junior said to his mother, “I want to do what I like to do.”
His mom said “no mijo”. Then one day he saw his friend with his old brother with a lot of money, because his friend and the older brother of his friend is a kick boxing fighter bout he said, “I wish I could have a lot of money like him” then he was thinking that his mom told him, “Don’t fight because you can die!” on one fight like others and he thought that he could win a lot of money and they would not be poor, he make an decision and he want fight.

He went to the kick boxing club and start training. Then pass year he gets his first fight and he wins his first fight and, he said “I hope I can win this fight.”

He went thought a lot fights. He was wining and wining, but the fatal day was on June 27, 2008, he was going to fight with a great fighter that fighter kill one fighter but, he don’t care the fight start in the 5 round then the other fighter knock him down, he was worried about his life the fighter kick him in his head and, he get down the reefer stop the fight the reefer said go check him and he told all people that was watching the fight specially his mother she was watching on TV that Pablo junior was kill by the hit on his head, his mom start crying then his mother stayed alone for the rest of his life.

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