Jeff Reed: Worth Resigning?

February 8, 2010
By Anonymous

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team that definitely does well statistically, with a quarterback that has a rating of 100.5% and one of the best known defenses in the National Football League. But in this franchise known for hard hitting and hard working players, the players and coaches are expected to be very well-behaved and respectful. The legendary Dan Rooney and head coach Mike Tomlin make sure of this.

But as free agency (March 5) comes up, there leaves the question of whether kicker Jeff Reed will resign with the Steelers. Reed has had multiple run-ins with the law, including disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Jeff Reed is a valuable kicker but will the Steelers strain to keep him when he is acting up in public and will Reed and the organization come to a compensation agreement?

In the 2009 season, Reed missed a total of 4 field goals with a percentage of 87.1. He also earned the team a total of 122 points in the 2009 season, becoming the 7th statistically best kicker in the National Football League. But the Steelers also have Piotr Czech, who signed with Pittsburgh on May 1, 2009, and was previously on the Baltimore Ravens. There is also a chance that Pittsburgh uses a franchise tag on Reed, if not used on five-time Pro Bowl nose tackle Casey Hampton. We will being waiting anxiously to see if the Pittsburgh Steelers decide that kicker Jeff Reed is worth the hassle of resigning.

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