Cheerleading is Dangerous?

January 26, 2010
Some people may not call cheerleading a "sport" but a competition. Either way it is the most dangerous activity out there. This is much more dangerous then football, motorcross or even bull riding. No one takes time to think about it this way, but in cheerleading you have absolutly no pads or mouth gaurds or any other piece that may protect your body. All you have is hope, hope that the other people beneath you will catch you if you fall, throw you in the air right, or even be careful when kicking or doing jumps to make sure they do not hit you. Statistics show that there are reported to be over 20,000 injuries a year just due to cheerleading alone. Girls on the sidelines are more likely to break, sprain or pull something rather then the boys on the field running with the ball. Spinal injuries are not an uncommon thing in the world of cheerleading. So, for anyone who says cheerleading is not a sport may want to think again because it most defiantly is.

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