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   Ever since the popularity explosion of the snowboard, skiers everywhere have been whining. "Young snowboarders can be reckless and care-free," they argue, "turning our calm winter sport into a risky adventure." Complaints like this are quite common. Generally, snowboarders prefer their own territory, away from skiers. So why do skiers and snowboarders share the same trails? If these two sports were separated, by devoting whole mountains to one sport only, or dividing trails on a mountain between each sport, surely they would both prevail.

Of course, snowboarding and skiing are similar in many ways. Both require snow, trails, mountains and chairlifts. Each sport would have much less area to themselves, if snowboarders and skiers had their own trails. By giving half the trails to snowboarders and half the trails to skiers, skiers and snowboarders would be confined to their own special area.

Then again, trails could be made especially for skiers, and snowboarders, with the traits that best suit the snowboard and the ski. The two sports have different styles: the snowboard is more inclined to wide, hilly trails, while moguls and tree-skiing take full advantage of the ski. The freestyling snowboard also involves frequent stopping. Skiing has a more stable style, a common pattern that differs from snowboarding. Also, more often than not, snowboarders stay with other snowboarders, whole skiers stay with other skiers.

Many ski resorts have snowboard parks, which are large areas made for snowboarders only, where skiers are not allowed at all. Yet at some resorts, snowboarders are not allowed. Why not take this theory a step further, making special areas at all mountains?

At many of the more popular areas, trails are often very crowded. With separate trails, not only would the trails be less crowded, but everyone would feel more comfortable with other people of the same sport. Football and soccer can be played on the same field, but if played at the same time it would be very hectic. Skiing and snowboarding are done on the same areas, so would not they be safer if they were separated?

Snowboarders and skiers should have separate trails. The contradicting styles make many people uncomfortable and nervous. If skiing and snowboarding had their own areas and trails they would definitely prosper, giving a new life to both winter sports. l

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