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A Little Boys Dream

January 25, 2010
By joe humphreys BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
joe humphreys BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Have you ever had a dream of winning a championship game, I have. The night before my championship game. The dream was the most wonderful dream I have ever had. The crowds were cheering, my team winning. The band playing the song, “We Are the Champions.” My team was singing along with the band. It was the best dream ever. Then suddenly I woke up.

One day I woke up and realized it was my big championship game. It was the game of the season where I was going to pitch. We were facing last year’s champions. They were the best team in the league but, they’ve never played our team.

An hour before the game was very stressful. My family was saying that I better win today. My coach said that I better pitch well today because if we lose it’s all on my hands. The crowd was cheering for me. My team was ready. Then the umpire said play ball. There I was pitching at the big game. I pitched for three innings, only twelve batters got up. Nine of them struck out. The other two got inside the park home runs. The score was two to one.

I was moved to center field for the last inning. The last inning was the most important inning of all. The other team was up to bat. There were already two outs. The next kid was up and he smacked the ball! It was coming right in the middle of the field and it was going over the fence. I was running back, I climbed the fence and I caught it. The crowd goes wild. We won the game three to two. It was the most awesome thing in the world. That was my most proud moment of my life.

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