Varsity Soccer

January 22, 2010
By sidneystuffer10 BRONZE, Mt. Upton, New York
sidneystuffer10 BRONZE, Mt. Upton, New York
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Varsity Soccer has had a huge impact on my life and my choices of what I choose to do and what I choose not to do. The guys that are on the team just make sure you do not screw up off the field and on the field that would hurt the team. Soccer has also helped me take out my anger if I am having a bad day; however mad I am, I play that much harder during the game. It also helps me get through the day just knowing that I can do something that I love to do at the end of the day with some friends.

I have been playing Varsity Soccer now for, four years. It all started when I was in eighth grade and I started talking to Mike. All Mike and I did that summer was lift and play soccer, this was one of the best summers of my life because I knew that I was making myself so much better than what I already was. Freshman year the Varsity Soccer Coach had no idea who I was, he found out pretty quick. During the first game of the Mang Tournament (Preseason), we played B*******. I started the game on the bench, but when someone needed a sub I was the person that Coach put in. I was in the game for maybe five minutes before I scored. Mike gave me a perfect through ball, so I was one-on-one with the goalie and I finished lower 90 on the right side. At the end of the season I racked up 14 goals and like 10 assists I think.
During the second season of soccer, we had a great team just all around the field. Unfortunately we were beat in Odessa-Montour in the first round of sectionals. We had a winning season, but we just couldn’t pull it off when it mattered the most. That season I ended with 10 goals and 9 assists. When the third season rolled around I really wasn’t looking forward to playing to be honest just because we had so many young guys coming out, and we lost so many seniors that last season. So my thoughts weren’t as positive as they should have been. We did alright that season I think we missed .500 average by one game, so I was happy with that knowing that these guys were going to be here next year as well. We did not make sectionals this year just because we were such an inexperienced team. The fourth and final year I was really looking forward to, just because we had a dominant mid-fielder and goalie, so I was thinking we should be great this year. Unfortunately, three players can’t carry the whole team. We almost beat one of the best teams in the state (if the game had ended in the first half). We were playing Greene at home, they went up one nothing when my mark got away from me and he crossed it to a wide open forward on the other side. With about 10 minutes left we evened it up when I got a crazy through ball from a first year player right through their defense that gave me a one-on-one with the goalie, and for forwards you know you cannot miss a one-on-one when you’re playing a good team, because that may simply be the only chance you get. I ended up faking the shot to the left side of the goal and shot it in with my left foot to equal it up. But instead of us having the momentum going into the second half, they just came out a lot harder than what they did in the first half. We simply just couldn’t keep up with them; they were very well conditioned, and very quick. The final score ended up being 5-1 but we played our hearts out just to get that one goal. This season I ended with 9 or 10 goals not quite sure which.

Overall I was disappointed that I never got to win a sectional game. But other than that I have loved it when I was doing it, I had a great time with it, and did alright playing too. If you love the game it doesn’t matter if you’re doing bad, or good just go out there and play your game.

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