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January 20, 2010
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I am very proud to play soccer at *****! The travel soccer club has taught me well and I’ve become a better player and know the game better. At ***** they treat everybody equal and I like that. If someone was not at practice, they will not start the game, even if they are the team’s playmaker. I have been playing soccer since I was a mere three years old. I started at a recreational league, NYSL, and then at age 8 I began to play travel soccer at ******. I plan to play high school soccer at Cathedral High School. I am grateful I get to play at *******. The coaches are great. Also, I meet new friends.
I feel fortunate to have a great coach. My coach frequently reminds us that we are not positional players. Rather, we are soccer players. Most of my team prefers playing one primary position on the field. When Coach Brent tells us to play another position we want to sigh and roll our eyes.
He says, “You should be able to play any spot on the field, including the goal keeper!”

A good coach does more than just coach the sport. They are our friends, supporters, and teachers. Coaches interact and participate with the drills and scrimmages. Players can then see how to do moves the right way. Also, it is more fun when I compete against my coach. First, he is difficult to mark and tackle and second it causes me to put forth more effort. My coach desires players that are enthusiastic and dedicated, not players who miss practice or give a half-hearted performance.
I want teammates that work well with others and who put forth a strong consistent effort. ****** only accepts players who cooperate with the coaches and teammates. Sometimes we get a player that does not focus a lot, but they do not get a lot of playing time. The coaches want players to play aggressive and win. A lot of my great friends are from my soccer team. The coaches give us time to talk with friends during warm-ups and water breaks. The coaches know that we need time to visit, so we can be focused during the drills and gel as a team too.
If you want to join ******* you have to be devoted to playing soccer. If soccer is something you do for fun, then ****** is not for you. They want players who will play in high school and even in college. It is an enormous commitment. We have practice three times a week, games most weekends, and play year round. For me, it’s worth all the time and effort!

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ColumbusFlame95 said...
Apr. 26, 2010 at 4:39 pm
wow suz... u tryin 2 recruit ppl now? :)
susanschrader16 replied...
Apr. 27, 2010 at 3:37 pm
no it was my speech for writing and shut up also we already have some many people at fc pride compared to columbus flame
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