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January 19, 2010
By snowboarder1886akimbo BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
snowboarder1886akimbo BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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When I woke up that morning I had a feeling that I was going to do something important or something big was going to happen good or bad. When I went to the closet and grabbed my snowboard it felt like that it my tool for work. Then I brought it over to door to dry from the night before. While I was cooking breakfast. I could remember the weekend before I was sick and I was making the same thing and I burned my hand on the stove. And I could remember the anoence of having my hand always contently hurting on the mountain. Any way while I was getting ready to go out on the mt I realized that it had snowed A LOT. I had to trudge out to the trail to got to the ski lift. When I got to the ski lift I went up with some really old guy that could not ski for his LIFE. I say that because while I was waiting in line I could see him on the top of the mt falling over almost every 4 seconds. When we were getting off the lift he started to swear and start to yell because I guess he could not get off the lift without falling. I guess I was right the first second that he got off he fell flat on his face. So when I finally strapped in and headed down the mountain. The weekend before I was trying to this one trick it is called a 360 nose press and a 180 indy out. The real reson why I wanted to try to learn this trick is because this was the first trick I saw in real life.This trick is started by starting to spin first before you get on the box and once you are on I you lean forward until the board starts to flex and then you do a full 360 and then you bunny hopp off and you grab the board in the middle between your feet and you spin a 180. So as you can tell form my description is a very hard trick to do. So when I got to the part of the trail were the jumps boxes and rails are all I think about is how much fun I can have. It like kid in a candy shop for me. So as I headed down to look for a box I see a perfect one that I want to do. So as I approach the box I start to swing my body to the right to start the spin up. So when I feel my snow board touch the box then I knew it was safe to start the press so I leaned forward and then started to spin. Once I was done doing a 180 all I had to do was swing around but as soon as that thought went through my brain I fell right off onto my face on the box. And when I got up from that one I got a little dazed from that one. So when I looked at the time it was 8:27 which ment that I was going to be late for my devo program for park. When I got down to the bottom I just cough them in enough time to see then getting onto the chairlift. I darted over there like my life was depending on it and asked what the instructer what we were doing that day and he said that we were just practicing for a comp that is the next day. And I knew what trick were I was going to do. When I got up there we are pick groups of 2 to help each other out on what we are going to do. Luckily one of the older people in the group picked me because he knew what trick I was going to do because he helped me out the last weekend on the same trick. So for the whole day he ma helping me on the trick the whole day. I landed a few of them during the day but I landed them a little sketchy. It was 12:30 so when went into the lodge and got some lunch. While I was eating a cheese burger the person that was helping me practice (john) sat down next to me and said hey you keep in there you almost have it down for the comp I will help you until 3 because I got to go home and see my sisters orcistra concert but I will be back here tomaro to snow board so I come and see you at the comp kk?. When we got back out on the mounten he helped me till 3 as he said and then left. For the rest of the day I had a hard time landing tricks and was not just into it but I really wanted to land one more trick before I went in so I can remember what the movement feels. So that whole night I could not think of any thing else except for snow boarding. The whole night I was up weighting for tomaro and just nerves. So when to tomaro I got up and did the same routine and then when I got to the same trail and on the trail I saw john. I came up from behind him and just rushed him I scared him so muc. He said hey was up how you been doing I said doing good this is my first trail so I haven’t gotten to practice since last night. He was alright lets do it. We started to practice only for a little because the contest is going t start in 20 mins. From that practicing sesh I have that trick down pat. When we got to the park were it was taking place every one was geared up and ready to go. When the announcer said what order people will go down in they said my name last. I really wasent hopping for that because I would have to weight and see every one lace perfect tricks. When they finally said my name all eyes were on me. As I slowly edge my self off the bench I was sitting on and start to head for the box. I could here john yelling my name in the back round like a animal. As I approach the jump I remember how much long practice it took for me to learn this trick and land it. And I’m not going to screw it all up know. When I get closer and closer to the jump I start to sweat because all eyes are on me. As I lift up the front of the board and shuvit to the box I lean on the front to start the press. As I turn my shoulders to start the turn as I am back wards I feel a little wobely but I feel confident. As I twist my body to finish the rotation I can see that all the people in the park are watching me like my pants are down. As I finish the press my other worry is to do the 180 indy. I Ollie out of the box and grab my board and lurch m body back wards. I LANDED IT.I CANT BELIEVE IT. Every one was going crazy. From that point on I knew that if you try hard enough you can succeed almost anything

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lordmanfred said...
on Jan. 29 2010 at 10:18 am
Fantastic!especially the last line.


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