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January 11, 2010
By Ryan Thomson SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
Ryan Thomson SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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There are many opportunities for students to play sports and hang out with their friends without having to try out or practice. These sports are intramural sports, which are recreational but yet still have that competitive edge. Some of these sports are team events and some are individual. The intramurals one can participate in are badminton, basketball, bowling, mini-golf, ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball.

Badminton starts in March and runs through April. The five week session costs eight dollars.

Basketball starts in December and goes through February. The fee is ten dollars per person and if wanted, team t-shirts can be purchased for an additional six dollars. There are four divisions for intramural basketball. The divisions are freshman boys, sophomore boys, junior/senior boys, and girls. The winning boys freshman and sophomore teams play to determine a champion and in March the junior/senior division has playoffs.

Intramural bowling is in January and February. The fee is five dollars for a team to register, but bowling occurs twice a week so a cost of six dollars and seventy-five cents is required per session. The six seventy-five includes three games and a pair of shoes. There can be six players on a team roster but only four will play per day.

Mini-golf takes place in May and is an individual event. There will be three dates in May that one may participate in. The registration fee is five dollars, but every time an event is attended a bus fee is required.

Ultimate Frisbee occurs in April and May and the cost is fifteen dollars. There are five weeks of games and players will be formed into different teams each week.

Intramural volleyball is currently in progress. The rosters consist of eight team members and each team has to have a minimum of four players by game time. The fee for intramural volleyball was eight dollars.

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I participate in intramural sports.

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