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December 15, 2009
By Kylie Mckinley BRONZE, Littleton, California
Kylie Mckinley BRONZE, Littleton, California
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The green freshly cut grass is where I can relax and focus on nothing but the game. The adrenaline builds up with every sprint to the ball or every thump when someone kicks it and it soars through the air. Depending on the time or place, the weather is different, but I love it when the air is not to freezing but so crisp that you can see your own breath. When it all comes down to it soccer has to be the most intense game to play. One Saturday morning 9:00 am I was ready to play, I had my shin guards on and the whole sha-bang! The drive there was never ending it took up an hour to get to the game but when we finally got there it was freezing! The field was so foggy that if you were standing at one goal you couldn’t see the other. My team practiced a little bit and we took our positions. It was the other teams kick off so of course they had the advantage of getting to the goal first. They took it down field and a shot at goal but it never went in. So it was a goal kick and our goalie has a BIG foot. It soared down to about half line and I took it up to the goal a pass to Bailey and it made it right to her. She was right about to take a perfect shot but then she got tripped, the ref blew the whistle and he called a penalty. Coach told Bailey to take the PK (penalty kick) and she made to the top of the goal, it was 90 degree shot, I was amazed! So we went back to the kick off line and once again they passed the ball one to the other trying to get by our defense with just one mistake pass the ball came back to me I dribbled it up the line and another pass this time; I made it to Amanda she took it up the field cutting and passing other people and I ran with her. We ran together she passed it up to me and I took a shot on goal with a hard kick and bam right into the goalies hands she fell back and the ball bounced into the goal! What a lucky shot! I was so happy to get that goal I sprinted back to the kick off line. They kicked it off and there was a great pass- even though Im not on that team I have to admit that is the whole reason why they got the next goal. The anticipation came in I could not let them get this goal; or so I thought. They scored and of course I got even more pumped up. The scores kept going back and fourth until 5 minutes left. I couldn’t stand the adrenaline I almost had to get off the field. We were playing the best we’ve ever played I was so proud of my team. Coach put me back in defense which honestly isn’t the worst position although you can’t score you can surely block the goals. I was put in left defensive mid-field which basically means that you defend the left side of your half of the field. Bailey (one of the best players on my team) was put in striker or center forward. We were kicking off this time and it was tied 4-4. She took it up the right side of the field running past the entire team. I could tell she was breathing hard but she had her game face on. She stopped the ball but all the players were far behind from her sprinting towards her to get to the ball. She took a deep breath in planted her foot on the left side of the ball and gave it a ride towards goal. It was a big hard kick straight towards the corner and it hit the post. The parents gave a quick ohh but wait it bounced off the pole into the goal! I couldn’t believe it! The ref blew the whistle and it was the end of the game. I ran as fast I could with not a lot of air left in my lungs from all the shock and I picked her up. “Bailey I’m so proud of you I can’t believe we won the game!” I said. That was the most memorable, amazing, fun game I’ve ever played.

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