Just Like Baking A Cake

December 14, 2009
By jamieeeyikes BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
jamieeeyikes BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Volleyball is not a joke; it takes hardcore skill, unprecedented dedication and the thirst to excel alongside your team. Being a Lady Mustang on varsity is challenging; as a teammate, you must be capable of balancing schoolwork with teamwork. This year’s team combines players who have been playing since freshman year and new a player who has only six months experience. Playing requires maintaining your game, and the pressure is just as intense.
“I don’t want to let [the other players] down,” says senior Chenee White, who feels every year you come back, you have to be able to deliver on the court.
Captain Kandice Melendez, a returning senior, already knows the routine and is accustomed to the varsity way of life. Respect is a big deal for Melendez; she doesn’t demand it from her players though she wants the team to feel united. Even though Melendez holds the title of captain, she does not necessarily have control over everything; there is still Coach Joella Gallegos.
“I am the coach on the court,” Melendez says as she explains the difference between the roles of captain and coach. Melendez works to keep the court organized, so players can easily score kills and ultimately win the game. Gallegos on the other hand advises the team as a whole and individually until they understand that team unity equates to success.
The position of captain is a difficult task but Kandace does not execute it alone. You can’t have a captain without devoted players like White or freshman Aleeya Harris. The team is “real close,” says White. “We actually go places [together] and have sleepovers.”
Having a personal relationship with teammates is beneficial because the team is more comfortable with each other and open when it comes to game time. The players trust each other on the court once opponents apply pressure.
You can laugh if you want, but volleyball is not a joke; you have to be willing to share your passion for the game with your teammates in the school. The players on the team need to agree with each other, just like when you bake a cake; the ingredients need blend and mix well together. Being able to have “confidence in [your] team,” as White puts it, is key to winning.

The author's comments:
This was actually a story I wrote about the Varsity volleyball team at my high school for the yearbook.

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