For A Gymnastics Coach MAG

By Anonymous

   I work hard,

Yearning for improvement.

The sweat pours delicately down my face,

My shoulders ache,

But still I launch myself into another beam routine.

I practice and train my body,

To its limit.

I run hard putting all my effort into my tumbling body.

I overcome my fears,

And set them out of my mind.

I streak down the runway, pop off the vault, and absorb

the landing.

"Keep going, no stops,"

I tell myself as I skip up the bar and proceed to do

my best.

My long hours that I choose to work,

People consider me crazy but I don't.

All this work,

This incredibly hard work,

Is done for one thing,

To make my coach proud.

I know it's all worth it when I experience the way I

feel after a few simple words are spoken by my coach.

When the words that drift from his mouth are,

"I'm so proud of you,"

I become proud of me too and know my hard work is

worth it.

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